August 6, 2022

Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast - Episode 10 - The Massacre

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It’s episode 10 of The Missing Episodes Podcast! Paul is back and after some skullduggery in a Parisian tavern, Steven Schapansky (host of the podcast phenomenon that is joins the team for a look at Season 3’s and indeed Doctor Who’s most missing serial: The Massacre (of St Bartholemew’s Eve). Together, they try and unpick the genesis of the story. Was John Lucarotti the main force behind it, or is that just a load of old Tosh? Does Lucarotti’s Target novelisation offer some clues? Does the doppelganger plot thread work? And of course we discuss the usual missing episodes aspects – will we ever get to see it?

So put aside your religious differences, and join us in Medieval France for a deep dive into The Massacre.

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With thanks the wonderful Bea Garrido for her art, assistance and her patience. Check out her brilliant Doctor Who art 

This free podcast borrows snippets of music from “Marche, Les Structures Sonores” – Lasry Baschet. We lovingly pilfer original music cues by from the BBC’s original production of The Massacre.

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